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Bookish Thoughts | Act Like It by Lucy Parker

Guys, let me start this review by saying that Mr. Darcy absolutely ruined me when I first read Pride and Prejudice at the tender age of twelve. Since then, I've had a thing for rich, gorgeous and completely fictional men with nonexistent social skills. You've been warned.

Act Like It tells the tale of Lainie Graham and Richard Troy. She is the current darling of the West End Theater, pitied by all after she was dumped very publicly by her ex-boyfriend via gossip tabloid. He, on the other hand, is a complete gem on the stage, but a total bastard to the paparazzi… and everyone else in general. When they’re forced to pretend to be a couple for the sake of the media, sparks fly. The question is, are they the right kind?

Where do I even begin talking about how much I love this book?

I just want to squeal and shove it into the face of every person I know, but that wouldn’t do the book justice, would it?

First of all, the characters in this book are so freaking fantastic. Lainie might scare me with her Jessica Rabbit looks in real life, all vivacious curves and bright, red hair, but after a while, I would totally love to hang out with her. She loves shopping in places like Topshop and Primark, and feels like a fish out of water when faced with glamorous women. No, she isn’t one of those stereotypical characters who have no idea how beautiful they are. Lainie is confident about her looks, but she has little bouts of insecurity from time to time, making her even more real.

And did I mention she makes Harry Potter references in her interior monologue? I seriously wanted to reach into my Kindle app and bond with this girl over chocolate biscuits and tea. Is that creepy?

here's a David Gandy gif for your viewing pleasure | source

I know I compared Richard to Mr. Darcy earlier, but reading about him was still like a breath of fresh air. After reading about billionaires with traumatic childhoods, angsty stepbrothers, and fictional men in general who toed the line between obsessive and romantic, a hero like Richard was exactly what I needed. Yes, he was completely rude at times, but it was due to his utter lack of social graces. He did have a somewhat traumatic childhood, but it didn’t completely define him, unlike most of the heroes in contemporary romance.

Also, I was imagining David Gandy as Richard the whole time I was reading, which made the experience BURST INTO LIFE.

I mean, David Gandy, you guys. Need I say more?

Act Like It is one of the few books that have literally made me laugh out loud in quite a long time. Lucy Parker is a whiz at coming up with turns of phrase that will not fail to make you giggle. If you need further explanation, please see the quote below:
“Are you firing him?" Her voice squeaked as if she had uttered the most outrageous profanity. Voiced the great unspoken. The mere suggestion of firing Richard Troy was the theatrical equivalent of hollering "Voldemort!" in the halls of Hogwarts.”
Now, do you people understand how much I love this book? The reader in me was delighted by the sparkling wit that seemed to leap off my phone’s screen. I hadn’t read anything so utterly funny and just plain fun in a while, and I kept stopping to make the experience last a little longer. The writer in me, however, wanted to hunt down Lucy Parker (nicely, of course) and make her tell me all her comedic secrets over banana chocolate muffins.

Rating: 5/5

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