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I write YA romance and love romance novels, Netflix TV shows and BTS. Read more.

Hi! I'm Clarisse David.

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The Sunday Currently | Vol. III

The past week was all about The Hustle. I've been reading books, listening to podcasts, and checking out blogs about self-publishing like a fiend, trying to absorb everything. Whenever I felt down, I looked at pretty typography in shades of pink and gold on Pinterest and immediately felt better. Good times.

reading Write. Publish. Repeat. by Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant, and David Wright. This book was highly recommended by several bloggers as the definitive guide to self-publishing and marketing your own book. Since I've only read articles and listened to podcasts about self-publishing in general, I decided it was time to invest in gaining more knowledge about the industry I hope to be a part of. Now, I'm kind of obsessed with books about self-publishing and want to buy EVERYTHING.

writing my current work-in-progress. My first draft is currently at 4,000 words, and I aim to add at least 500 words everyday. At this rate, I'll finish it by mid-May. *crosses fingers*

listening to Reforget by Lauv. This song is basically about a guy who goes out to--wait for it--reforget.

thinking of taking a nap. Like always.

smelling the baby lotion I've started using.

wishing for the entire first season of Supergirl. My co-workers who've seen the show keep comparing me to Cat Grant, and I want to personally decide if that's a compliment or an insult. Maybe a little bit of both?

hoping for more sleep this week.

wearing a T-shirt my mother got me as a souvenir when she went to Cebu two years ago. It's old and comfy.

loving the David Gandy gifs I keep encountering on the Internet (by encountering, I mean hunting like a fiend).

wanting a copy of Indie Author Survival Guide by Susan Kaye Quinn. I'm not getting a copy yet since I'm only halfway done with Write. Publish. Repeat. I want to practice some of the strategies in that book first before buying another self-publishing guide.

needing to learn how to format an epub file. Same as last week. Now you know about my procrastinator tendencies.

feeling excited about my current work-in-progress. There are days where writing is like pulling out a stubborn tooth, but the words have come easy for the past couple of days. I know it won't last, so I'm enjoying it as much as I can.

clicking on the Young Adult Romance category on Amazon. I'm already researching cover trends for books in my genre, because I'm O.C. like that.

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