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I write YA romance and love romance novels, Netflix TV shows and BTS. Read more.

Hi! I'm Clarisse David.

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The Sunday Currently | Vol. IV

Hello, you lovely people!

I've missed you.

March was pretty crazy in terms of work and my social life. We had a major update at work that left very little time for other things, and I prepared, went, and returned from a really fun nature trip to Cebu that will mostly likely inspire several scenes in upcoming books. I spent the little free time I had working on my current work-in-progress instead of, you know, blogging.

No regrets at all, I must say.

reading A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole. Amazon was practically aflame with buzz about this tearjerker of a young adult novel, and I simply had to find out what all the fuss was about. Reading this book is like a kick in the heart, and I keep stopping because it hurts too much. *sniffs*

writing my current work-in-progress. My draft is now at 19,827, and I intend to finish this by the end of April or mid-May, depending on how lazy/motivated I am.

listening to For a Boy by Raelynn. This song is sickeningly sweet, but I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO IT.

thinking of taking a nap. Like always.

smelling nothing. I'm too sleepy to smell anything by this point.

wishing I had more time to pursue photography as a hobby again. Last year, I even started taking lessons but got so busy with work that I didn't even complete the course. #storyofmylife

hoping for more sleep this week. A couple more hours would be wonderful.

wearing a faded Edgar Allan Poe T-shirt from college.

loving the Willow Creek series by Micaela Smeltzer. I was lucky enough to grab a copy of the entire box set when it was on sale for $2.99. This series is so wonderful and is so different from the sexed up rocker boy novels I was expecting. In a totally good way.

wanting to finally get the final version of Prom Queen Perfect over with. I've read it so many times during the past couple of months that my eyes tend to glaze over whenever I try to edit it again.

needing some Cheesy Cheese Pringles. Puh-lease?

feeling anxious about the coming days. Prom Queen Perfect is going to be released on July 7, 2016, and I'm currently preparing all the materials for the book tour, like teasers, excerpts, Instagram posts, and more. I keep asking myself if I'm doing enough, if I'm doing it right. It's enough to drive enough a little crazy.

clicking on various categories on Pinterest. This is the first time that I kept adding things to an "inspiration" board while writing, and it has really helped sparked a ton of new ideas.


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