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I write YA romance and love romance novels, Netflix TV shows and BTS. Read more.

Hi! I'm Clarisse David.

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Cover Reveal | Play It By Ear (Backstage Pass #2) by Tara Frejas


We have an excellent treat in store for you. Today's the cover reveal for the second books in the Backstage Pass series by Tara Frejas.

Are you ready?





Here it is!

Play It By Ear (Backstage Pass #2) by Tara FrejasGenre: Contemporary Romance / NA
Release Date: December 201…

10 Things 2018 Taught Me About Adulthood

Your pair of socks often comes back sock from the laundry shop.Audiobooks are lifesavers for when you keep getting migraines but want to read more.Making new friends as an adult might not be as hard as you think. Well, no, scratch that. It's definitely as hard as you think, but it gets…

5 Writing Tools That Will Supercharge Your Productivity

Writing tools are fantastic.

When you're struggling, they give you that extra push so you can reach your word count target.

In this blog post, I'm going to talk about five writing tools that have helped boost my daily word count immensely.

Before we begin, though, I'd like to remind ev…

5 Contemporary Diverse Romance Books You Won't Regret Adding to Your TBR

Becoming active in Twitter's romance-reading community has done a lot of damage to my book-buying budget.

Almost every day, I discover a new-to-me romance author with an extensive backlist whose books I need to devour ASAP. Or a favorite author tweets about a new book that's releasing in 0…

Life Lately Vol. 2 | Returning to Writing

1. Building a writing routine. After a year of struggling, I'm slowly trying to create a daily writing routine for myself. I'm doing this by:
rereading my favorite writing how-to books.learning more about plotting and story structure.setting 500 words as my daily word count.downloading soft…

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Cover Reveal | The Summer of Lost Wishes by Jessa Gabrielle
Today is the cover reveal for The Summer of Lost Wishes by Jessa Gabrielle. This cover reveal is or…
3 Romance Writing Lessons from Korean Dramas
Korean dramas lure you in with seemingly simple premises, pretty boys, and hard-working but “plain…
Episode 3 | April 2018 Favorites (A Bit of Naruto)
Description In this episode, I talk about my April 2018 Favorites (including Naruto, Safiya Nygaard,…