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I write YA romance and love romance novels, Netflix TV shows and BTS. Read more.

Hi! I'm Clarisse David.

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10 Things 2018 Taught Me About Adulthood

  1. Your pair of socks often comes back sock from the laundry shop.
  2. Audiobooks are lifesavers for when you keep getting migraines but want to read more.
  3. Making new friends as an adult might not be as hard as you think. Well, no, scratch that. It's definitely as hard as you think, but it gets easier after a while.
  4. Homesickness sometimes means seeing the faces of acquaintances in random strangers. You could be walking in the underpass, and all of a sudden, you see this girl you worked with two years ago. But it's not her. Just someone who looks like her. You don't know why you thought of her, because you weren't even that close. This happens to you over and over until you realize you're missing the place summed up by these bits of memories.
  5. Grocery shopping is only fun the first couple of times you do it. You're excited by the thought of buying anything you want no matter how unhealthy it is. No one is here to hold you back. Then, after a couple of times, you calculate how much money you're spending on Pepero and mango-flavored marshmallows and decide that you need to get your life together.
  6. Getting your dream job or relationship doesn't mean you'll be happy FOREVER. You're still going to face a lot of problems, but they're at least related to something worth fighting for.
  7. Cockroaches are the most disgusting things to ever walk this earth. You invest in roach-killing chalk and learn the difference between water-based and ohmygod-I-inhaled-poison insect sprays.
  8. You learn to interact with people you find intimidating. If you let every single one of them scare you, there will be nothing left of your self-esteem.
  9. Getting to speak your native language, the one that rolls off your tongue without effort, is a privilege. When you hear two women speaking Hiligaynon at the crosswalk, you smile inwardly and yearn to join their conversation.
  10. Growth comes with a price. You only have to decide if it's worth it.


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