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Monthly Favorites | January 2019


In today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about my January favorites. I don’t have a Violet Chachki-level aesthetic, but if you continue reading, you might discover your next favorite book or lipstick shade.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink (Seductress)

My first favorite is Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink liquid lipstick in the shade Seductress. If you’re wondering how it looks, I am actually using it in the selfie below.

The lipstick is called SuperStay, and it does exactly that. Even after I’ve eaten two meals, the lipstick stays on. You might need to do some heavy duty making out to remove it.

Or you can use makeup remover. Whichever option sounds better.

In all seriousness, I love this shade. It makes you look fresh and bright even after you spend an entire night marathoning season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race. By the way, that’s a completely hypothetical scenario. I’m not talking about myself...or anyone in particular.

My Gratitude Journal

I’ve been using my Starbucks planner as a gratitude journal.

I felt like such a fraud while writing that previous sentence, because I don’t even go to Starbucks that often. I’m a complete cheapskate and I only buy a drink there three times a month at the most.

This is not related to my gratitude journal, but let me tell you a quick story. I love chai tea lattes from Starbucks, but I don’t want to spend almost 200 pesos every time I feel like drinking one.

So, I tried to make my own chai tea latte. I bought chai tea--you know, the ones in tea bags--from the grocery store and tried to mix it with Nescafe three-in-one coffee.

Needless to say, my experiment did not turn out well.

Back to the gratitude journal. My boyfriend is the one who buys a lot of Starbucks drinks, and he ended up getting me this planner. It looks pretty, but I had no idea what to do with it at first because I use online tools to plan my life.

I decided to use it as a gratitude journal. If you don’t know what that is, you list down things you’re grateful for every day before you go to sleep.

Keeping a gratitude journal put things into perspective for me. I didn’t realize it would be so hard. If you asked me to make a list of the things that went wrong during the day, I could go on and on.

And on.

Thinking of things that went right, that I was thankful for actually took me a while. Now, I’m forced to be more aware of things, because I’ll have to write them down later. It makes me realize that I have a lot of things I barely noticed before that I’m lucky to have.

Beginner’s Luck by Kate Clayborn

Romancelandia kept buzzing about Kate Clayborn’s books in 2018. I made a mental note to check out her books, but I never got around to it until January 2019.

And I got a little mad at myself for waiting so long.

Beginner’s Luck is such an incredible book. The main character, Kit, is a scientist who went through a lot and has now FINALLY settled down in a place she calls home. Ben is the recruiter tasked to lure her with the promise of a high-paying new job that will require her to move.

Tons of conflict already, right? All that happens in the first chapter.

I didn’t even understand all the scientific theories Kit was talking about most of the time, but I kept reading and trying to learn anyway. Kate Clayborn’s writing made me fall in love with her passion for her field of study.

I totally get the hype now, Romancelandia.


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